North Attleboro Selectmen Selects MY ECO


MONTCLAIR, NJ – MY ECO, a sustainability business that measures and influences reuse, is pleased to have been chosen by North Attleborough, MA, to help eliminate the use of disposable shopping bags in their community. The North Attleborough, MA, Board of Selectman voted unanimously to implement the MY ECO Reuse Program over the period of one year, and will encourage the participation of every retailer that currently distributes free single-use plastic bags. All area retailers will receive a formal request to participate in the MY ECO program from Town Manager Mark Fisher.

“We admire North Attleboro for recognizing that their community must work together to make an impactful environmental change,” said Kristen Brown, Founder and President of MY ECO. “The Selectmen have made a giant leap in curbing the use of unnecessary plastic bags by instituting our program. We applaud their decision and look forward to other towns following suit.”

The MY ECO Reuse Program provides a financial reward incentive for consumers who use reusable bags every time they shop. Using the program’s unique MY ECO App, the reward can be donated to North Attleborough schools whenever a consumer uses reusable bags and chooses those schools to receive their reward.

There is no limit to the amount of reward money that can be raised through the MY ECO Reuse Program. The goal is to generate a significant flow of money to reward North Attleborough schools’ students for promoting reuse through their community. A minimum of $20,000 has been pledged to the schools.

To participate, retailers simply place MY ECO program’s QR code stickers at their check-out stations and registers. For the first year, retailers can participate without pledging a donation.  The town will use the MY ECO program to gather reuse data from its residents and assess the residential reuse rate, but for the best results, the majority of North Attleborough’s retailers must participate. North Attleborough currently has one of the best recycling rates in the state and the town wants to achieve the same for its reuse.

Through its unique reminder-track-and-measure technology, the MY ECO App prompts consumers to bring reusable bags whenever they shop. The App allows shoppers to keep track of how many bags they’ve kept out of landfills – individually, as a community, and on a national level. It also measures how much money schools have raised, working together to encourage their student families to reuse.

The MY ECO Reuse Program is available in retail locations wherever there’s a MY ECO Program QR Code sticker at check-out, including all Shaw’s/Star Market groceries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and other select retailers throughout the northeastern U.S.

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