We know sustainability

MY ECO is a sustainability education network using technology and psychology to measure and increase consumer reuse behavior.

Kristen Brown, co-founder MY ECOMy father, Gordon Dancy, patented one of the first versions of the plastic grocery bag. His invention helped coin the iconic question “Paper or plastic?”, which changed consumer behavior and revolutionized the grocery bag industry. As a high school student, I trained one of the first grocery stores to ever use plastic bags in my hometown of Middletown, Ohio.

Thirty years later, we are once again in need of behavior change at the supermarket. We now know that both paper and plastic disposable bags harm the environment. The manufacturing process for paper bags is energy-intensive and increases water and air pollution. Plastic bags litter our environment, waste our diminishing oil supply, and harm marine life. The average household uses 1,000 disposable bags per year. Clearly, it is time to make a change.

The EPA considers reuse more important than recycling, since reuse uses no additional energy or natural resources. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year – enough to blanket the earth several times. MY ECO created tools and technology to increase reuse – by making it easy and fun and with measurable results. It’s time to change the way we shop. It’s time to use reusable bags.

Kristen Brown, President/Founder of MY ECO, former EPA consultant, and daughter of inventor of the disposable plastic bag.

Our goal is a cleaner planet for future generations

MY ECO is a sustainability business that uses technology to measure and influence consumer reuse behavior. The MY ECO approach helps consumers break the disposable-bag habit through positive reinforcement, social engagement and financial incentives; and by creating a collaborative relationship between consumers and retailers to benefit non-profit organizations.

MY ECO was founded in 2010 by Kristen Brown, a former U.S. EPA consultant and the daughter of Gordon Dancy, who developed one of the first high density plastic grocery bags. MY ECO strives to abate the 100 billion disposable bags used in the U.S. every year.

Our solution is built on teamwork

MY ECO develops partnerships with retail businesses, municipalities, schools, and non-profits, to create reuse programs that can be implemented by consumers like you. We bring communities together to ensure sustainable success.