MY ECO Groups

MY ECO Groups. Tools for collective action

Changing and sustaining good reuse habits take time and effort, and MY ECO is ready to help. MY ECO knows that people who work together deliver the best results, and that’s why we created MY ECO Groups. Groups can be Public so anyone can join, or Private, limited by invitation only. Enjoy watching your group’s reuse efforts in real time – see how many disposable bags you’ve kept out of landfills. Watch how quickly those quantities add up with everyone chipping in. You’ll feel great about the results you’ve achieved as a team.

Your Reuse Group can compete against other Groups, to compare and motivate results. How does your Group measure up – are you being as eco-conscientious as you can be? MY ECO wants you to join together to reach your reuse goals and surpass them. MY ECO Groups are there to help you make a difference, today and every day.

Private Groups

Private Groups are made up of eco-conscious individuals with the common goal of kicking the disposable habit, but protected to include participants that know each other. Private Groups are accessible to individuals who have been invited to join through a password-protected code. These Groups can include book club members, science classmates, friends that meet for wine on Thursday night, or neighbors that ride the same train home.

Private Groups can also be more formal, as part of a sustainability program in a company. A corporate group allows your business to foster teamwork when employees work together to track results through scorecards and metrics. Your business can set internal team goals and reward best practices with prizes and other incentives. A corporate group drives your employee eco-awareness both inside the workplace and out.

Public Groups

Public Groups are open to anyone with an interest in spreading the reuse effort and measuring their impact. Create your own Group of eco-responsible thinkers like you. Reach out to family and friends, colleagues and neighbors, members of your church, fellow volunteers at your school, to create your own reuse Group. To join an existing Group, go to your profile and choose a Public Group that best fits your personality. MY ECO Groups are equipped with the right tools to help you get motivated and inspire others, to use reusable products whenever possible.