MY ECO Reuse App

The MY ECO Reuse App provides all the essential tools to start and sustain a successful reuse habit.

With technology rooted in behavioral science, the MY ECO Reuse smartphone app combines guilt-free reminders, team camaraderie, and the excitement of immediate results – all in the palm of your hand.

Download for your iPhone from the Apple App Store. Download for your Android Device from Google Play.


The MY ECO Reuse App offers a simple registration process to get started. First, download the app to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Then set up your MY ECO account by entering your contact information and shopping habits. Follow the prompts to select the days you usually shop, store locations, and the average amount you spend on groceries or other items. After creating an account, you can also choose to join a Reuse Group. Reuse Groups enable eco-minded shoppers to work together, encourage each other, and share the satisfaction in making a difference with reusable bags.


The MY ECO Reuse App sends a calendar alert on your designated shopping day to remind you to bring your reusable bags. The App uses geo-tracking technology to notify you when you get to the store to be sure you remember to bring your reusable bags inside. Upon check-out, simply key in your total dollars spent shopping (or scan the MY ECO QR code at Partner Retailers) to enter your results.

Metrics and Results

With the exclusive MY ECO Scorecard, users can measure and celebrate personal reuse success in real time. The Scorecard keeps a running tab of the quantity of bags you’ve saved from landfills, calculating your personal total and the totals of those within your community against your set reuse goals. The Scorecard also tracks your reuse alongside other eco-responsible individuals in different Reuse Groups so you can see the power of collective action.

Optional Settings

MY ECO offers enhanced reuse programs with Partner Retailers. In select locations in the U.S., shoppers can use the MY ECO Reuse App to scan a special QR Code at retail check-out registers, and then are automatically rewarded for the reuse behavior. Those rewards can be donated to non-profit organizations like schools and charities. (*Only available when App is used at MY ECO Partner Retailers).

Purchase Reusable Bags

Need to replace or replenish your reusable bag inventory? The MY ECO Reuse App lets you order MY ECO Bag Sets on the go with the click of a button. Your new bags will arrive before you know it!