MY ECO Products

Having the right tools can make everyday tasks a breeze. The MY ECO Shopping Bag Sets were created to make using reusable bags easy, efficient and fun. Join the phenomenon that’s revolutionizing how people shop.

my-eco-4-in-1-bag-set-2my-eco-4-in-1-bag-set-3my-eco-4-in-1-bag-set-4   my-eco-4-in-1-bag-set-5  Four bags fold into….     my-eco-4-in-1-bag-set-1

4-in-1 MY ECO Bag Set: Four oversized bags hold a week’s worth of family groceries, then zip together in a convenient pouch


my-eco-2-in-1-bag-set-3my-eco-2-in-1-bag-set-7  Two bags fold into…  my-eco-2-in-1-bag-set-1

2-in-1 MY ECO Bag Set: This stylish duo was designed to meet the needs of the urban shopper